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Looking for more power for your E-Z-GO Golf Cart??

September 24, 2010



NEW product  


Available @ RMI  


DifferentialKitLimited Slip


Part#: 614756



– Ideal for Demanding Use!


– Improves Traction! 

– Complete with Pressed Bearings! 

axle74612G01 Units with MPT1000E axle and 73500G01• Compatible with TXT Electric Fleet/PDS units built from 1997-2009 with


• Gives differentials true limited slip functionality! If a tire is losing traction, differential allows motor to supply power to other tire. 

• Ideal for lifted TXT units used on moderately rugged terrain similar to what might be 

encountered on a cold, wet morning when hunters are driving to their deer stands 

• Ideal for demanding use, such as driving in mud, off-road, steep grades, or wet surfaces 

• Improves traction in snow, mud, or during rapid acceleration 

• Differential comes complete with pressed bearings for easy installment on axles 



of friction modifier (611242) used to lubricate the differential gears after assembly.2oz/90 oil and 80W of 25oz



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