About Us

RMI is a 4th generation family business with a long and proud history of manufacturing and distributing golf and turf related items.

The very first patents came way back in the early 1900’s for agriculture equipment. In the 1950’s James Redpath (Steve Rogers great uncle) began building greens harvesters. Then in the late 1950’s the original Rogers Manufacturing was formed. Rogers initially began by building litter-picking machines. However the focus began to change to more turf related items such as sweepers, aerators, and blowers. In 1967 Jacobsen Mfg of Racine Wisconsin bought Rogers Manufacturing.

Then began the next chapter. In 1972 Buck and Steve Rogers started Olathe Manufacturing. Olathe started by building brush and tree chippers. Later they designed and built a professional turf care line with distributors and dealers across the country and worldwide. Steve and Buck owned and operated Olathe until 1994 when the Toro Company of Minneapolis, MN bought Olathe Manufacturing.

Steve Rogers started the current day Rogers Manufacturing in 1996. While the name sounds familiar, the business certainly wasn’t! After years of manufacturing Steve felt like it might be time to do something different. Steve bought into a little powder coating company and in a short time built it into the largest custom powder coating company in the area. In 2001, Steve’s two sons, Matt and Mike Rogers joined their father in the family business and created a new division called RMI Golf Carts.

Since then RMI has become Kansas City’s only authorized Yamaha and E-Z-GO golf car dealer. Because of the family background in manufacturing it didn’t take long for Rogers to design and distribute their own line of golf car accessories. Currently Rogers Manufacturing employs 85 people and has facilities in Olathe, Topeka and Ottawa, KS.

The one constant in this world is change. And if the past performance and experience is any indicator the next few years will bring exciting growth and new opportunities. There are in fact some things that will never change here at Rogers, and that is the hard working people dedicated to providing quality service and products.

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